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Information Direct to Spa From Cellphones



Satelital (anteponer código 56 de pais)

íNo ATMs in Termas del Flaco!


How to arrive?

To get to the Termas del Flaco in your own vehicle in "Hostal Ms Anita", we recommend vehicles vans or SUVs preference. The road has 17 km paved and the remaining 60 kilometers of gravel, with a total of 77 kilometers from San Fernando the capital of the province of Colchagua with which you can learn more about unique places and landscapes that only found in this area of ??the country.: How to arrive?ís.

How do I get from Santiago?

To go to Termas del Flaco from Santiago de Chile We must turn south on Route 5 South towards San Fernando (154 miles approx) to reach San Fernando We headed towards Termas del Flaco Via Route I45 which are 77 miles approx with a height of 1770 meters above the Sea.

  • Private vehicle
  • Public transportation from Santiago South Bus Terminal (Departure 13:00 hrs approx)
  • Public transportation from San Fernando Bus Terminal (Departure 15:00 hrs approx)

Value Thermal Pools Public Entrance 2013 season $ 2,500 Per Person
These pools are located 150 meters from "Mrs Hostal Anita"

There are no ATMs in Termas del Flaco

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Rates Season 2016

$ 42.000 IVA. 

(Per Person)


  1. Accommodation
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Tea
  5. Dinner.

Value Input to Thermal Pools Public Season 2015

$ 2.500 (P/P)




Information Direct to Spa from Cellphones
02-19627721 ----- 02-19627721