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íNo ATMs in Termas del Flaco!

WELCOME to "Hostal Sra. Anita" in "Termas del Flaco"

Vista de las Termad del FlacoNear San Fernando (Sixth Region - Chile), to about 77 kilometers towards the East, in the heat of mountain range of The Andes and to a height of 1,770 meters on the level of the sea, is an important complex from Spas to borders of Tinguiririca river, is the "Termas del Flaco"

The "Termas del Flaco" one count on thermal waters with multiple therapeutic applications, such as renales arthritis, calculations, respiratory routes, colds, gynecological affections, rinitis, sciatic, drop and reumatismo. Their thermal waters reach between 73º and 96º Celsius, including their spas and baths of mud and steam.

The place presents idyllic landscapes that the tourist invites to cross each corner of the "Termas del Flaco", and by the way enchanted to return sometimes. Although these Spas do not work all the year, the season extends from December April by the end of.

Without a doubt the perfect place to rest and to replenish forces, with a warm style home, in addition to practice sports like mountain bike, trekking, to make cavalcades and excursions to the heart of the mountain range of The Andes.

In "Hostal Sra. Anita", we told on a total capacity of 16 rooms with private baths and service to the room, television and telephony both by via satellite.

In order to arrive at the "Termas del Flaco""Hostal Sra. Anita", it can arrive in its own vehicle, we recommended high vehicles to him of preference light trucks. The way counts on 17 kilometers paved and the rest 60 kilometers of debris, with which you will be able to know more thorough places and matchless landscapes that only will find them in this zone of the country.

Rates Season 2015

$ 39.000 IVA. 

(Per Person)


  1. Accommodation
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Tea
  5. Dinner.

Value Input to Thermal Pools Public Season 2015

$ 2.500 (P/P)




Information Direct to Spa from Cellphones
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