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The Healing Power of the "Termas del Flaco"

Recent studies have demonstrated the healing power of the SPA. when talking about the therapeutic properties of the hot springs, the first thing that comes to mind is delivering relief to seniors with rheumatologic problems.

But this is not its only virtue, when we are exposed to this water comes the first benefit that temperature and then adds the effect of minerals.

"The hot water produces hyperthermia in skin (makes redden), this implies a vasodilatation, and followed a glass contrition, inducing the secretion of endorphins."

The baths are good for health, as contact with the hot water will occur in the person what is known as general adaptation syndrome, which is "subjecting the body to external and extreme physical conditions which triggered different in the body changes at specific adaptive systems, which are the nervous and endocrine systems. And the changes are developed there are those who will lead to the restoration of disturbed functions ".

So much so that what happens in the first instance at the level of skin induces changes in both the internal secretion of the endocrine system and the nervous, which will result in relief of various ailments. The clearest example is as stimulating the secretion of steroids endocrine level, which provide immediate benefits to injured patients artridtis, because in them these substances are reduced.

Other therapeutic properties are those that have to do with the minerals that have their waters.

There are different types of hot springs, low, medium and high mineralization ...... "

The thermal waters of Termas del Flaco our are categorized with high mineralization due to its high sulfur content, recommended for treating different types of dermatitis, helps the treatment of rheumatic problems, arthritis and all that is articulate. Addition are rich in sodium content which helps to improve peripheral circulation, it also has benefits on the skin, as we age we lose the natural skin nutrients, thermal bath, allow them to be recovered through the pores.

The principal component of our Spa is lithium, the antidepressant that acts as iron and copper bonded to contribute in the treatment of anemia, red blood cell production and stimulates the circulatory system.

The mud baths transmit more heat without sitting on the skin, and this allows the fetus mud treatments more aggressive and faster results. The mud also benefits the skin, this because the rub, the texture of the mud will exfoliate the skin and removing dead surface cells.

We should note that it is not bathing several times, or spend hours in the water and leave healed, but a gradual recovery. And above all the bathrooms have tubs and must be monitored constantly, not exceeding about 20 minutes, then your body has to adapt first to benefit is not defeated.

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Rates Season 2016

$ 42.000 IVA. 

(Per Person)


  1. Accommodation
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Tea
  5. Dinner.

Value Input to Thermal Pools Public Season 2015

$ 2.500 (P/P)




Information Direct to Spa from Cellphones
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