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History of the name "Termas del Flaco"

The peculiar name of this thermal center comes from one old history that tells that an ill and skinny mule, of a group of miners, was left next to thermal waters since it could not continue with the rest of the group of load mules. When the miners returned, miraculously, the mule had not only improved but that had recovered completely and until gotten fat, almost by magic art. In honor to the anonymous mule, saved by miraculous waters, the spas happened nowadays to be called first "Fertile valleys of Skinny" and the "Termas del Flaco"..

The Dinosaurios

The zone of the "Termas del Flaco" is not only famous by its waters but that also by the fossil footsteps of dinosaurios, that they have more than 120 million antiquity. The footsteps were discovered in 1960 by Diego Márquez, an inhabitant of San Fernando and began to be studied by the National Museum of Natural History and by two Argentine paleontólogos in 1967. These tracks, were left by a Iguanonte and other dinosaurios in the mud, that makes million years, this were solidified and returned to arise, already petrified and with the printed tracks, when the Mountain range of the Andes formed. Nowadays the tracks, declared National Paleontological Monument, are in a slope of 120º of inclination. There are studies that suggest this zone, where exist many tracks of footsteps of dinosaurio was a drinking trough in the days of Jurassic..

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Rates Season 2016

$ 42.000 IVA. 

(Per Person)


  1. Accommodation
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Tea
  5. Dinner.

Value Input to Thermal Pools Public Season 2015

$ 2.500 (P/P)




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